Good Catch Anglers Tournament 2016

Strike maintenance crews from Division 110 participated in the Phillips 66 Life Saving Rules Good Catch Anglers Tournament 2016. The game is built around the P66 Good Catch program designed to help workers find and fix hazards in their general work area and improve safety at home.  A "good catch" is an issue an employee sees and reports. A recent example of a good catch was, as the employee was walking the R.O.W. when he noticed a yellow jacket nest under a valve housing.  The employee retrieved hornet spray, warned his fellow employees of the nest location, then safely destroyed the nest. 

The Division 110 Maintenance crew had six employees involved in the tournament.  They made 40 good catches.  More importantly, all team members reported good health and no injuries for 2016.  All tournament participants combined made 104 good catches. The whoppers were those involving one of P66's Life Saving Rules or where Stop Work Authority was used. 

Congratulations to Strike team members Brad Reese and Cody Franke who took home second and third place honors in the total weight category. 

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