2016 StrikeZero Safety Awards

The StrikeZero annual safety awards were held this month at Strike Headquarters in The Woodlands, TX. Let's take a moment to congratulate the following employees and divisions on their outstanding commitment to achieving StrikeZero in 2016!

Safety Excellence Award

This award is given to the Division(s) with a TRIR better than the company target.



StrikeZero Award

This award is given to the Division(s) with No Recordable Injuries.








Performance Improvement Award

This award is given to the Division with the most notable, positive change in stats from the prior year.




Safety MVP Award

Page Pickett and Steve Bohac. Honorable Mention - Rick Allphin, Laurie Bench, Vinnie Mapes, Joe Maeker, and Troy Smith.


Page Pickett – Division Manager 118


• Positive example to his Division supervisors as he leads in everyday activities.

• Strives for strike zero in all activities and projects.

• Partners with EHS personnel in all safety issues that arise.

• Plans safety into all jobs and projects.

• Holds employees accountable for meeting expectations, especially on driver safety.

• He is a Safety Culture leader by his attitude, values, beliefs and behavior.


Steve Bohac – Division Manager 101


• Regularly communicates how much he cares about the health and well-being of all employees.

• Bold. He has the courage to do the right thing.

• Strategic. He plans all jobs matching the right people to the jobs.

• Engages with employees by leading most safety meetings and SWA meetings.

• Invests in the right people.

• Ensures his supervisors account for changing conditions in the environment including bad weather, hot weather or distractions such as holidays.

• Over all very proactive.

Diamond Safety Award

This award is given to the Division with the best demonstration overall of our StrikeZero culture.


Division 107, Division Leadership & Laurie Bench


• Demonstrates proactive leadership by continuously reminding the Division of its successes as well as warning of the dangers of becoming complacent.

• Emphasizes the procedures and processes that prevent incidents.

• Consistently encourages her group to maintain an incident-free culture that avoids shortcuts.

• Is open, and insists that her Supervision is open to questions and feedback.

• Maintains a consistent disciplinary process that holds her Managers, Supervisors and Employees accountable for meeting EHS expectations.

• In short, Division Leaders demonstrate consistent and dedicated EHS Leadership.





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